Introducing a smart data input method, enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Prestressing Operations. Just input the necessary information and let the application handle the rest. Smart Fill ensures that all your data is transmitted accurately and efficiently directly to the prestressing management software, saving time and effort. But it doesn’t end there – with Smart Fill, sustainability is at the forefront of our design. By eliminating the excessive use of paper, we’re contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Visualize the Project

With the structural project loaded onto the platform, you unlock the ability to view the project sheet directly on your mobile device.

Execution Oversight

Imagine having the ability to visually track the precise number of cables already tensioned. This feature offers a comprehensive insight into your project’s progress, simplifying the management of prestressing cycle time on-site.

Elongation Status

Monitor in real-time each cable tensioned, enabling the identification of errors or discrepancies based on precise percentage error calculations. This feature minimizes potential risks, allowing you to take immediate corrective measures on the construction site.

Analyze Your Company's Profile

With multiple projects managed simultaneously, your company’s outcomes are constantly evolving, creating diverse material and service demands. Keep your results updated to enhance efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, data analysis resources, and documentation practices.

Gain insights into your workflow.

Access easily retrievable data to monitor your workload for any given period. We offer this convenience through our dashboard, along with a comprehensive annual chart illustrating the monthly average of prestressed steel in kilograms. Enabling you to track your company’s progress in real-time.

Maximize your planning capabilities.

Effectively manage your time and activities following construction schedules. You can also track the progress of each stage and promptly eliminate any outstanding issues quickly and efficiently.