Gain insights into your company’s performance from multiple perspectives and revolutionize your prestressing management.

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Managing multiple projects simultaneously will lead to continuous evolution in your company’s outcomes, generating diverse material and service demands. Keep your results updated to enhance efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, data analysis resources, and documentation practices.

Gain insights into your workflow.

Access easily retrievable data to monitor your workload for any given period. We offer this convenience through our dashboard, along with a comprehensive annual chart illustrating the monthly average of prestressed steel in kilograms. Enabling you to track your company’s progress in real-time.

Maximize your planning capabilities.

Effectively manage your time and activities following construction schedules. You can also track the progress of each stage and promptly eliminate any outstanding issues quickly and efficiently.


Crafted to expedite and streamline project management processes, our software is designed for user-friendly operation, ensuring a seamless experience for project managers and team members alike. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, you can effortlessly navigate the activity calendar, update task statuses, and monitor project milestones.

Color-coded characterization

To enhance visual interpretation and make the calendar more user-friendly, we’ve implemented a color-coding system. Each activity is represented by a distinct color, making it easy to identify and quickly differentiate tasks. This feature ensures that you can instantly visualize the status and progress of each activity, enabling better coordination and decision-making.

Predictions for project commencements and concrete pours:

With the activity calendar, you can easily manage your team’s tasks and deadlines. This functionality allows you to effortlessly visualize and track the projected start dates for construction work, ensuring efficient project planning and execution.

Prestressing activities

Assign tasks such as elongation, live-end cutting, and stressed pocket closure to your team members, ensuring clear accountability and efficient task allocation.


Complete mastery of the
Prestressing Process

Attain project success like never before. Exercise control over the prestressing cycle stages released by each responsible team, ensuring swift updates on any service-related issues across all structural elements in your project. Review feedback from the responsible team on challenging situations, along with the date, time, and the individual responsible for each prestressing cycle stage release. Beyond just visualizing information, seize the capability to generate a personalized and complete report, encompassing all pertinent details of your project.


Experience the future of efficient prestressing cycle management in your construction projects and redefine how you complete the execution of your structural endeavors. Let us assist you in reshaping construction productivity, contributing to a safer and more sustainable tomorrow—one cable tensioning at a time.

All projects in one place.

A complete list of all the projects associated with your company. Register everything from a simple project like a residence to complex structures such as a commercial building, silo, or prestressed floor.

View key information

Quick overview of each project your company is involved in, including crucial details such as project name, address, and client.

Comprehend the progress of each project

Stay ahead with the status of your projects. Understand which projects haven’t started, track ongoing projects, and check for any pending issues. All in one click, quick and efficient.